Projekt „Uvođenje usluge laminacije i oplemenjivanja proizvoda“ je sufinanciran iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj

About us

Mar-Mar d.o.o. is a family owned company founded in 1991. As our line of work uses paper derived from wood pulp as our chief raw material, we liken our beginnings to those of a sapling – easily swayed by every breeze. But with time our quality-based business growth philosophy has proven successful, and the sapling grew strong, taking firmer root and branching out.

This has led to the recognition we now enjoy as a producer of attractive and sought after notebooks and much, much more. Our product range includes paper school and office products (with all binding types including hardcover, softcover and spiral), planners, notes (with rounded corners and elastics) and adding rolls. The latest addition to our product line is Memo'ar, a brand of specially designed planners with elastic over hardcover, created to always be on hand when you need to record a personal moment or a new business idea.

Our acquisition in 2008 of Lipa Mill, a related company with a hundred-year tradition, opened a new chapter in our operations. The brand's recognition, accepted products and an open market saw our growth accelerate and made us an even more dynamic company, earning 60% of our revenue through exports to the demanding Italian, German, Austrian and neighbouring markets.

We know that success in the modern world cannot be measured only in tonnes and percentages – it must also incorporate a responsible relationship with the environment. This, we feel, is particularly true of us as we liken ourselves to a healthy, growing tree – and that is why our priority is to constantly introduce new, cutting edge ecologically-friendly technical solutions. Mar-Mar now uses the best technology the world has to offer; our operations are clean and nature friendly. The best confirmation of this is the FSC® certificate we have been awarded, attesting to our commitment to base our operations on environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forest resources.

Honest work based on brilliant design and innovative, useful and attractive products, prized by the profession and demanded by the market, has seen our sapling grow into a strong and stable tree. This tree continues to grow and expand into the new markets we are opening, well aware that the world still holds countless wonderful concepts, creativity and ideas just waiting to be written down and printed.