Projekt „Uvođenje usluge laminacije i oplemenjivanja proizvoda“ je sufinanciran iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj


Memoir (from French:  memory; reminiscence; work in which the writer presents memories of the events he/she experienced or in which he/she participated)

Every day you pass through the enchanting moments, experiences and events you don’t want to forget and through business success you don’t want to miss. Let MEMO’AR serve you as your personal collection of memories and reminiscences of the moments important to you. Also as a reminder of the events that will become memorable moments and business plans that are yet to be accomplished.

It's so easy to write & note memos, plans, meetings and ideas. At the end of the year, thanks to the MEMO’AR, you will have a personal memoir that remains as a souvenir full of events and business achievements.