Projekt „Uvođenje usluge laminacije i oplemenjivanja proizvoda“ je sufinanciran iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj


The digital era has influenced our lives, but some things do not change - such as planners and notes as a unique and original business gift. We want you to cheer up employees and business partners with business gifs such as notes and planners from our business collection "Touch and feel". In addition to classic black notes, we offer the ability to personalize notes and planners, which means that the design of the cover can be fully adapted to your requirements. Choose color, binding, the number of pages, place the logo or company name on the covers. If you already have a design idea, we are here to print it, but if you still do not know how should your design look like, our marketing and design team will take care of the cover design which will be promotional material for your business!
Minimum order quantity: 500 pieces

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